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Rumah Cipete

Year : 2015
Size : 296 m2
Location : Cipete, South Jakarta

Cipete House is located in the busy alternative street that connected the Kemang area, which the traffic in the morning and in the afternoon become so busy. Therefore, the plan of this project is to create a balance modern living that would allow green spaces, natural light and air ventilation become an integral part of the design. To create a private green space, the boundary of the house to the street would be made tall to provide privacy and safety. The dominant fa├žade facing the north would be dominated by glass, so that it would create extra space towards the green space. The heat radiation and extreme light of the sun from the north side would be reduce by the roof extension and also the greenery on the balcony of the house. The roof design would also try to maximize the natural light and air ventilation to enter the house.